Corporate Profile

OTMT is a holding company that has investments in companies with operations mainly in Egypt, North Korea, Lebanon, Pakistan and other North African and Middle-Eastern countries. The activities of OTMT are mainly divided into its GSM, Media and Technology, and Cable businesses, having recently expanded its lines of operations into the new fields of Energy, Financial sector, the Real Estate, Agri-Industries, Entertainment and the Logistics.







 OT Lebanon



 TransWorld Associates  





 O Capital For Energy


Financial   Beltone Financial Holding  70.00%
 Real Estate Victoire Investment Holding Cooperatiee U.A.   99.99% 
 Entertainment  Orascom Prisme Pyramids Entertainment   99.99%

GSM Division


A joint venture between OTH and the state-owned KPTC and included as part of the assets held by OTMT following the demerger. OTMT holds, a 75% stake in the joint venture with KPTC. The company is North Korea’s only 3G Mobile operator. By June 2011, koryolink’s network covered more than 75% of North Korea’s population (estimated at 24.5 million).

Being the first company of its kind and scale in North Korea, koryolink established many precedents; a first of its kind call center to provide customer service; a launch announcement in major newspapers and on radio despite almost non-existent marketing and advertising industries; and the implementation of a koryolink advertising billboard, the first of its kind in Pyongyang.

Orascom Telecom Lebanon S.A.L. and Alfa

OTMT holds, a 99.8% ownership stake in Orascom Telecom Lebanon S.A.L. (“OTL”). In January 2009, OTL was awarded a management contract for Alfa, one of two operating GSM networks in Lebanon owned by the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT). The contract has recently been renewed for another year at the discretion of the Republic of Lebanon. Alfa’s coverage reaches 98.3% of the Lebanese territories and 98.8% of the populated areas (the population of Lebanon is approximately 4.1 million people). It has LIVE roaming agreements with 214 operators in 109 countries and LIVE GPRS roaming agreements with 11 operators in 10 countries.

Cable Division

Trans World Associates (Pvt) Ltd.

Trans World Associates (Pvt) Ltd (“TWA”) is Pakistan’s leading submarine fiber optic cable operator and started operations in 2006. OTMT holds, a 51% ownership stake in TWA, which is a joint-venture with Orastar Limited, UK and Omzest group of Oman. TWA owns and operates its own cable system, known as TW1, and provides direct broadband and high-speed connectivity to telecom operators, internet service providers and major corporations.

Middle East and North Africa for Sea Cables

Middle East and North Africa for Sea Cables (“MENA”) is a long submarine communications cable system planned to connect Italy, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman and India. OTMT owns a 100% directly and indirectly held ownership stake in the company.

Energy Division

O Capital For Energy

A newly established entity fully owned by OTMT (99.9% ownership stake), with the purpose of designing, construction or management, operation and maintenance of power plants with different sources and distribution networks.

In light of OTMT’s expansion into the new field of Energy, O Capital for Energy was established in March 2015 to execute challenging and complex power projects in Egypt.

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Financial Sector

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